Sailor Mercury

N.American Name: Amy Anderson
Birthday: September 10th
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favorite colors: Aquamarine, light blue
Hobbies: reading
Favorite food: sandwiches
Least favorite food: ?
Favorite subject: mathematics
Least favorite subject: none
Strong points: calculating

Amy is the brains of the team. Anytime anything mentally complex presents itself, she rises to the challenge. Rated with an IQ approaching that of a genius, she can generally solve almost any puzzle that the Sailor Scouts finds themselves in. She also is the most aware of Serena being an emotional teenager, and not just a superheroine who isn't sensitive to the needs of a young girl. As a Sailor Scout, Amy also fits the description of the idiom "Brainpower over firepower."

Voice done by: Karen Bernstein

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