Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl was the leader of the Negaverse. She was responsible for the attack on the moon kingdom 1000 years ago (see Background info) and is the reason that the Sailor Scouts were sent into the future. She wanted to rule the universe with Prince Darien (Tuxedo Mask) at her side. Her main mission on Earth was to get enough power to free the power of the Negaverse, the Negaforce, so that she could once again invade our universe.

While seeking this power she sends out her minions (Jedite, Nephlyte, Zoisite, and Malachite) to go on various tasks such as finding the rainbow crystals, releasing the seven Shadows, and most importantly destroying the Sailor Scouts and retrieving the Silver Imperium Crystal, the only thing that could stop her from ruling the universe. She is eventually defeated by Princess Serena (Sailor Moon) using the Lunar Wand with the crystal and the love of her friends.

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