Malachite was the strongest of Beryl's troops to fight the scouts. He was very shrewd and cunning... and unfortunately for the Scouts he had the power to back up his plans. He had an extreme hatred for Sailor Moon, and wasn't too crazy about Tuxedo Mask, especially when Queen Beryl bagan favoring him over Malachite. He, along with Zoisite, plotted against Nephlyte.

He was in love with his pupil (Zoisite) and was extremely upset when Beryl killed her for failing to defeat Sailor Moon. This only heightened his hatred for her. It is quite possible that Malichite would have succeded in defeating the scouts if it weren't for the brain-washed Tuxedo Mask stepping in and saving Sailor Moon when she needed it (even as a bad guy Tuxedo Mask couldn't let anything happen to Serena!).

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