Nephlyte was the second of Beryl's minions to go up against the scouts. His mission was to collect energy to free the negaforce and find the Silver Imperium Crystal. He prefered to amplify the power of his victims before he collected their power and used the power of the stars to guide his moves. In my humble opinion he was the coolest of Beryl's troops. He had the coolest voice (in the NA version), and had style... the guy drove a Ferrari. He was also very strong. On Earth he posed as a big time business man (and Millionare !) Maxfield Stanton.

Eventually he fell in love with Serena's best friend Molly, which is what basically got him killed. He was in competition with another of Beryl's minions, Zoisite, and she wished to find the Silver Imperium Crystal before he did. She kidnapped Molly when she found out that Nephlyte liked her and wanted to trade her for Nephlyte's dark crystal. Nephlyte went to rescue Molly and defeated Zoisite's monsters (temporarily) and saved Molly. They escaped, but Nephlyte was badly wounded. When they stopped Molly bandaged Nephylte and they talked. Unfortunately Zoisite and her monsters found them and he got mortally wounded saving Molly. The Scouts showed up in time to save Molly, but not in time to save Nephlyte.

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