Sailor Mars

N. American Name: Raye Hino
Birthday: April 17th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite colors: red, black
Hobbies: fortunetelling
Favorite food: vegetarian pizza
Least favorite food: asparagus
Favorite subject: ancient writing
Least favorite subject: modern society
Strong points: meditation

Raye has, in her opinion, the best leadership qualities of any of the Sailor Scouts. As a teenager, she has gained popularity amongst those her own age. Also, she goes out on dates (much more often than the others). At first, she disliked Serena (Sailor Moon) for being unfit personality-wise, as the leader. Later on, she then sees the error of her ways, and then helps out as a strong shoulder in Sailor Moon's crises.

Voice done by: Katie Griffin

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