Catsy is the most aggressive of the four sisters and is the most vain. She is obsessed with her face! She has cat's ears in her hair and does very little "hand-to-hand" combat with the Scouts.


Birdy is the 'thinker' of the four sisters. She uses complex schemes instead of battle to obtain her objectives. She fights with her sisters less than they fight with each other. She dresses very conservatively in public, but very differently at all other times!!


Out of all the sisters, Avery cares the least about taking over the Earth. She fights with Prisma a lot and like Birdie, she's vey egotistical when is comes to her physical appearance. Her trademark weapon is the Whip.


Prisma is the eldest of the four sisters. She has a secret love for Prince Dimand's brother Safiire, and is obsessed with trying to outwit her younger sister Avery. She hesitates going on some missions, but doesn't mind collecting power for herself.

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