Favorite Villain Poll
Well after almost a month I finally got to make this page! If you voted I probably notified you by mail, but when my hotmail account crashed so I lost the addresses to a few voters. Thanks for voting and be sure to look for my next poll sometime next month! Sorry I couldn't get a picture for everyone, but I'm so pressed for time : ( Thanks again!


9th place

Ok, this by far was the biggest tie I've ever gotten. The tie is between Black Lady, Wiseman, Nephrenia, Prince Demand, Prisma, the Ice Princess ( From the Sailor Moon S movie ), and Mophead ( The weirdest vote I got, because she was a monster of the day, not a main bad guy ! ; ) We also couldn't forget Sailor Saturn, who was originally a bad guy ( controlled by mistress 9 of course ! )

8th Place

Ok, in 8th place we have another big tie: Jedite, Catsy, Birdie (Isn't she just so cute?), Sailor Iron Mouse, Avery, and the ever so despised Mistress 9 !

7th Place

Rubeus, the first to be alone... Definitely a cool bad guy!

6th Place

In this corner we have Queen Beryl... Woo Hoo !

5th Place

Tied for 5th we have Alan and Malachite. Funny... One absolutely loved Serena for a while, and the other wished for nothing more than her destruction. Ironic that they should be in the same spot : )

4th Place

In 4th place we have the ever so debonair Prince Darien ( When he was under Queen Beryl's spell )... It seems that I was not alone in thinking that the black roses were a very nice touch, turning to red whenever he fought the spell that was making him evil. In the Japanese series ( They cut this out of the North American Version ) Serena actually had to kill him to stop him... With a parting kiss as he lay helpless, Princess Serena runs off to try and defeat Beryl for the last time...

3rd Place

Ann gets 3rd place... the funniest thing that I noticed was that only guys voted for her... any reason for that ??? ; )

2nd Place

Second place falls upon the despised general in Queen Beryl's army... Zoisite ! I personally hated her because she was the reason that Nephlyte died, and I always hated her laugh. To my surprise she almost won ! Actually only one vote away from first place ! ( Oh and here's a tid bit for those who have only seen the DiC version... In the Japanese version, Zoisite was a guy ! )

1st Place !!!


Woo hoo Nephlyte won the poll! After all, he is my favorite bad guy ( next to Fiore who didn't place : ( Has anyone seen Sailor Moon R the Movie ??? ) even though he turned good in the end. I mean come on, he drives a cool car, has cool hair, has a cool voice, and has the coolest personality of all the Generals ! Glad to see that credit was given where credit was due... Hats off to our winner, It was a long and hard battle, but he persevered and came out on top.

Thanks for voting in the Nightfall Sailor Moon Favorite Villain Poll ! Be sure to keep checking back for more polls in the future ! Bye ; )

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