Nightfall Ninja Scroll  

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Mp3 of the ending song, from dvd (cd quality)

WAV files
Dakuwan: He plans to rebuild the house of Toyatomi
Dakuwan: There's a weird bloody air...
Gemma screaming "I... Can't... DIE !"
Jubei asking for directions ^_-
Jubei: I hate those who think so little...
Jubei: Burn in your Golden Hell
Kagero demanding that she be a part of the Koga Ninja Team
Shijima: Nobody can dodge Shijima's claw!
Tessai: The way to hell is...
Jubei sensing the storm
I am Ututsu Mujuru, and I have longed to challenge you!
Ututsu: Your sight is a weakness
Yurimaru: I don't need your love...


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