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Yet to be confirmed is the release of a sequel to Ninja Scroll, but after a few e-mails asking me about "Ninja Resurrection" and seeing an ad for it in the Right Stuf catalog I decided to look for info on it.

In Japan the series is called Makai Tensho and has been released in the future by ADV Films under the title of Ninja Resurrection: The Return of Jubei. Many people see this as a sequel to Ninja Scroll, but it is in fact not the sequel, rather an anime that bears a striking resemblance to Ninja Scroll. ADV is trying to get people to believe that it is the sequel (the "return of jubei" should actually be the return of jyubei). It is actually the sequel to Samurai Armageddon: Reborn from Hell which is a live action NC-17 movie from Japan.

I've gotten countless e-mails from people telling me I'm wrong and that the packaging on the box says it's a sequel to Ninja Scroll. I'd just like to mention it has not one piece of info pertaining to Ninja Scroll at all, and please see the episodes before you mail me and tell me I'm wrong :oP

Btw if you really don't believe me check out this link to the FAQ - (the part about is there a sequel to Ninja Scroll?)

I managed to get a hold of the tapes (1 and 2... 3 isn't out yet!) and it was nothing short of spectacular. While having nothing to do with Ninja Scroll, there are amazing similarities. The main nemesis (Shiro, the once messiah now Satan) is a mirror image of Yurimaru and there is a priest who uses an exact replica of Tessai's boomerang-like sword. Jyubei (the main character) is so reminiscent of Jubei that if he didn't tie up his hair he would be Jubei's twin. I'll also have to watch again to get a count, but I think there are eight demon villains much like the Eight Devils of Kimone.

What I've seen so far deserves a page, so expect to see one in the near future! Now on to more info.

Here's the ADV Films summary of the upcoming release:

Things Die... And Come Back!

Ninja Resurrection - Return of Jubei is an awesome animation and we can't wait to get started on it!! Created by the same production crew behind Giant Robo, Ninja Resurrection - Return of Jubei screams across the screen with some of the most horrorific and incredibly crisp animation on the planet! Following the lore of Jubei, a ninja warrior, Ninja Resurrection - Return of Jubei dives deep into Japan's darker history. What happens when Goodness dies??? Manipulated by one man God's messenger of Good is killed and reborn as a messenger of death!

Here's a link to the review I found:

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