Nightfall Ninja Scroll  


Yurimaru is second in command of the eight Devils. He is ruthless, but very non-threatening in his composure, which is very feminine and proper to say the least. But as with much in Ninja Scroll, underestimating his power would be a grave mistake. Even Tessai listens to him, and Tessai is more than a threatening character.

His special ability is that of electrocuting his enemies with energy generated in his body. He uses little wires (resembling the line attached to Jubei's sword, but with the abiity to disintegrate) and is very accurate with them. He desires to be Gemma's lover... and is very jealous of Benisato, whom Gemma seems to prefer. Zakuro has fallen in love with him, but he has absolutely no desire for her and treats her lower than dirt. As with those with power, Yurimaru is exemplary in his display of arrogance and has one hell of a superiority complex.

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