Nightfall Ninja Scroll  

Utsutsu mujuro

mujuro is an amazing swordsman, in fact probably one of the best ever... even though he is completely blind. He is also apparently very strong, due to the fact that he was supporting Jubei's sword when he and Kagero were scaling a cliff. He saved them so that he might have the chance to fight Jubei, and win (or so he hoped!).

In order to avoid losing to him, Jubei had to eliminate all noise that he was making... one sound and it was all over. He was also amazingly fast and even fought Jubei in a forest, running through the trees! He told Jubei:

"Your sight is a weakness..."

After that he began flashing his sword in Jubei's line of sight to blind him, and at that particulart moment he was right. Over all he would have to be my favorite devil, as he fought with honor (He could have easily dropped Jubei and Kagero down the cliff when they didn't even know he was there) and was a great warrior. Without the teamwork of Kagero and Jubei, mujuro may have won the battle for Gemma. In fact it may have been his arrogance that did him in, after all he was the one forgot about Kagero's sword in the tree...

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